The Onsite Amenity Experience! “Wow” Attendees, Extend Brand Awareness and Integrate Charitable Giving

The opportunity to deliver a well-rounded event experience continues to escalate due to maturity of the industry, technological innovations and creative disruptors. When it comes to the onsite amenity gift experience, the days are long gone where organizations are confined to providing a “one size fits all” experience or purchasing luxury products directly from the manufacturer, shipping and designing an on-the-fly experience.

While offering participants the ability to self-select luxury gift items has been around for years–especially with internal employee recognition programs–recently we have seen a new approach:  the insurgence of luxury retailers expanding their distribution channels to the corporate market in an unconventional way.    These retailers are now choosing to use companies that specialize in deploying luxury brands at events while paralleling the actual retail shop brand experience.  This provides the event organizer a simplified pricing model which includes reduced cost on product, shipping and a “worry-free” gifting experience to attendees.

The gifting experience has evolved even further by integrating a corporate social responsibility (CSR) element into the mix.  Not only is the recipient excited about receiving a personalized gift, they now feel even better knowing the sponsor or host organization is matching a portion of the expense and giving a monetary donation to a charitable group. This becomes a Win-Win for everyone.

An example of a luxury brand that has embraced this movement is a company that has been reimagined: Revo. Revo and Bono are partnering to prevent vision impairment and blindness in more the 5 million people by the year 2020.  This charitable initiative is dubbed “Buy Vision, Give Sight”, and a donation is given to the charity with every sunglass sold. Event organizers are always seeking opportunities to provide charitable alignment, and this amenity offering makes it easy by aligning with one of the greatest philanthropist and singer songwriters of our time.

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