Dealing With Meeting Disruptions

Published in Insurance & Meetings Management Magazine ~ August 1, 2017  **

As the hospitality community and event organizers continue to navigate the ever-changing global landscape of unpredictable disruptors, there has been an amazing display of resiliency and camaraderie among peer groups as they share best practices, successes and lessons learned.

I recently had the opportunity to moderate a panel at the Incentive Research Foundation Education Invitational, which featured the following seasoned event organizers across industry verticals:

  • Michael Greto, director, global event marketing for Ciena Corporation.
  • Annmarie Molinelli, vice president, sales strategy and planning, M&T Securities Inc.
  • Koleen Roach, director, meetings and conference management, Securian Financial Group.
  • Sam Shelton, marketing manager, KCMA Corporation.

In talking to this experienced panel, two general categories of disruptors emerged that apply to event organizers and the hospitality community as a whole.

Category #1: External Disruptors

The most common disruptors occur in external environment scenarios. A wide range of disruptors fall within this category, including extreme weather conditions, air carrier delays, legislative decisions, cyber challenges, travel warnings, virus outbreaks, protests and terrorism.

These disruptors have caused the industry to recognize the importance of developing comprehensive contingency plans that include contract liability reviews and duty of care for attendees. It’s equally important to work…. Read More